The Group has identified its purpose as ‘Building Bright Futures’. This statement captures how Nexus will conduct its business to ensure that both individuals and society will benefit as an integral element of the Group’s strategy.

Not only has this been ‘the right thing to do’ to match our core values – but the atmosphere and culture that has developed as a result has brought an added advantage of improvements to business performance.


The Board is committed to establishing high ethical standards of behaviour and corporate governance and the Group has policies in place, including, but not limited to: health & safety; anti‑bribery; environmental protection; equal opportunities; equality and diversity; training and development; whistleblowing, anti-facilitation of tax evasion, and modern slavery.

Our policies support our approach of conducting business in an open and transparent manner and are in line with our core values.


‘Building Bright Futures’ touches on many different aspects of operations across Nexus, such as:
Developing and supporting our teams and individual employees so that they are able to develop and flourish
Caring for and protecting not only our own employees – but also anyone working with or for us at our various sites, offices and facilities
Offering exciting opportunities to those interested in joining the Group – irrespective of age, gender, race, disability or religion
Supporting our supply chain and making full use of local businesses wherever possible
Being aware of our environmental impact – and doing whatever we can to leave a positive legacy for future generations
Reaching out to schools, hospitals and charities to offer support through volunteering and fundraising in a variety of different ways