The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff is paramount, and every precaution is taken to protect them and those around them wherever they are working.

The year 2020 was obviously exceptionally challenging due to the impact of Covid-19. Nexus and our subsidiary businesses acted swiftly to implement the lockdown actions in line with the Government’s requirements. This included the introduction of measures to enable working from home and the closure of the offices. Site / field operating procedures were put in place based on documentation published by the Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The procedures were supported by our own guidelines and advice which were issued to all employees on how to stay ‘Covid-safe’. Thereafter, as Government policy changed, the offices were partly re-opened with rules in place on numbers allowed, social distancing and the use of hygiene facilities.

Other ‘non-Covid’ activities:

  • Occupational health screening is offered to Nexus employees; this enables early intervention as well as identifying any underlying health problems.
  • Mental health issues are highlighted as a concern within the construction industry. Our Wellbeing campaign, supported by our partnership with ‘Mates in Mind’, continued to provide support and resources to any employee that might feel worried about their mental health.

Health & Safety is led from the top. It is given the highest priority at the very heart of our operations. Directors and senior managers are actively involved in site visits to continually emphasise the critical importance of health and safety. Leading indicators and feedback loops are used to gauge the level of workforce engagement and to identify any areas where early attention may be required. Hazards and near misses are immediately acted upon, with any longer-term trends captured and used for broader intervention activities. If there is an accident, no matter what the size or severity, the individual is treated and cared for, lessons-learned are put in place and communicated widely and the incident is recorded and included in reported statistics.

Competency of individuals is assured through training and development programmes – both internally run and through external agencies.

Dedicated safety teams undertake site audits each week to confirm that procedures are being followed. The management systems for safety, quality, environment and energy are under regular review by external bodies to ensure they fully comply with the relevant national standards.

Tamdown’s performance in health and safety was again recognised with a President’s Award from RoSPA, one of the longest-running industry awards schemes in the UK. This was achieved as Tamdown has won a Gold Award in each of the last eleven years.

The Accident Incident Rate (“AIR”) for the Group was 162 (2019: 231). By comparison, the Health and Safety Executive’s figures, published in November 2020, state that the average AIR for the construction industry in 2019/20 was 330.