Investing in the workforce

Nexus believes in success through its employees, with a dedicated in‑house People Team providing structured learning, advancement and development opportunities. ‘My Bright Future’ appraisals, tied to our values and purpose, are our means of supporting performance and creating future career paths for our employees.

Development initiatives include Apprenticeship and Degree Apprenticeship Programme, Site Engineers and Managers Programme and Future Talent Programme for A-Level students.

Nexus also encourages leadership and management development with executive coaching, management coaching, ILM Level 3 and 5 accreditation and succession planning.



Strong internal communication and engagement is vital to the success of any organisation as well as to the morale, performance and empowerment of staff. We regularly share information with employees and follow a set of principles of communication to ensure timeliness, inclusivity, honesty, consistency and accessibility. A variety of tailored channels, including social media, are utilised to provide the most effective communication possible with our people.

The demonstration and communication of our Group purpose ‘Building Bright Futures’ is an ongoing focus for the business and its leaders, including sharing success stories from our people and key messaging around our values.

As a result of Covid-19, a specific communications plan was developed and implemented. This ensured that all employees were informed and kept fully up to date, whether they were actively working on site, at home or had been furloughed. The plan included the communications of revised operating procedures in a variety of formats including detailed documents, slide decks, summaries of key principles and video content. The variety of media supported the engagement and understanding of all employees.


Recruitment and retention

We endeavour to provide good terms of employment with the provision of benefits that employees want, as well as promoting health and wellbeing and ensuring we have a happy and safe work environment. We are keen that employees should share in the growth of the Group and an Employee Share Incentive Plan is in place whereby employees can acquire shares in the Company in a tax effective manner. Salaries are market tested along with add-on benefits. Options are reviewed and considered on a regular basis.


Diversity and equality

We are committed to ensuring that all employees, potential recruits and other stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably. The principles of equality and diversity are important to us and advancement is based upon individual skills and aptitude irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or beliefs. Full consideration is given to the diverse needs of our employees and potential recruits and we are fully compliant with all current legislation. The Group is committed to upholding basic human rights within its business.

We are taking proactive measures to help recruit and attract more women into the Group, including our ‘Women in Construction’ campaign among schools and colleges to raise the profile of careers within our company and the industry as a whole.


Disabled employees

The Directors endeavour to ensure that, as far as possible, recruitment, training, career development and promotion of disabled persons is the same as for other employees.

Should employees become disabled, every effort is made to ensure that their employment continues, and appropriate retraining is received.