We realise that climate change is a genuine problem that affects us all, therefore we are truly committed to doing everything within our power to implement solutions to this global challenge. The Government has set a target for the UK to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As transportation generates approximately a quarter of all of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, the switch of vehicles to ultra-low emissions is a key enabler to achieving this target. eSmart Networks has been created to support the transition to a low carbon transportation system as electric vehicles, and their associated infrastructure, are at the heart of this change.

We recognise that our own operations influence the local, regional and global environment due to the nature of our business. Therefore, we continuously look to improve our own environmental performance and decrease our carbon footprint.

Through our ISO 14001 accreditation, which we are proud to have held since 2002, our Directors and managers participate in defining our environmental action plan by setting realistic objectives and targets for our business in both the short and long term. To date, our businesses have had no reportable environmental incidents.

The Group has the ISO 50001 accreditation to ensure Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (“ESOS”) compliance. This aids our approach to reducing energy consumption across our sites and offices.

Our first aim is to reduce our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. We see this as a journey for us alongside our customers and suppliers. The Group has invested in new machines to reduce carbon emissions alongside regular maintenance schedules to ensure they are working efficiently. The company car scheme is focused on hybrid and low‑emission vehicles.