Engaged at the very early stage of developments with customers, and often secures contracts prior to land acquisition.
Established reputation of delivering high-quality customer service alongside cost‑effective, efficient utility connections.

TriConnex was established in 2011 to take advantage of deregulation in the utilities connections market, current areas of operation are the South East, the Midlands and the South West of England.

The utility connections market consists of three regulated utilities: electricity, gas and water, and the unregulated utility markets of fibre and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Following the opening of the connections market to competition, TriConnex entered the market in 2011 to offer electricity and gas connections, expanding to offer water connections in 2014, fibre connections in 2016 and domestic electric vehicle charging in 2019.

TriConnex continues to differentiate itself in the market through its provision of a full multi-utility connection offer, coupled with a deep focus on outstanding customer service.

Historically, utility connections have been a challenge for many developers, however, TriConnex’s core aim is to apply its customer understanding to provide an enhanced experience and deliver connections on time, every time. With the National Housing Federation identified need for up to 340,000 new homes in England per year up to 2031, TriConnex can play a major role in supporting developers achieve this target.

The proportion of regulated utility connections made by independent providers is expected to continue to increase. TriConnex has already built a reputation of providing a high level of customer service alongside cost‑effective, efficient connections. The fundamental market growth drivers for our business are positive, meaning that our business is well-positioned for further growth.

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