Our purpose of Building Bright Futures provides a clear guiding principle for how we approach sustainability.

We have started this journey and recognise that we have a way to go, working closely with all our stakeholders, including our people, customers, suppliers, partners and  shareholders.

As a major employer, we play an important role in providing employability and economic opportunity for a large number of communities. We recognise that responsibility and strive to offer a range of opportunities to a diverse range of the workforce.

Our sustainability performance builds on our purpose, values and culture including the high ethical standards of behaviour and corporate governance that we expect. The business has developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure compliance and monitor progress.

A focus on Sustainability is vital for a variety of reasons, across all organisations.

Sadly, the year 2023 raised the bar as the warmest year on record; the maximum extent of sea-ice in the Antarctic was 1 million km2 less than the previous record low; communities across the world faced the devastating effects of floods, forest fires, droughts, and rising sea levels.

At the same time, the global economy struggled in the fight against inflation; statistics indicate that absolute poverty in the UK will increase in the coming years.

‘Building Bright Futures’ touches on many different aspects of operations across Nexus, such as:
We continuously invest in our greatest asset - our people
Ensuring the health and safety of everyone we work with
Enhancing diversity and inclusion in our business
Supporting the training and development of our people
We support the communities in which we work
Enabling our people to volunteer in working hours for causes they’re passionate about
Raising much-needed funds for charitable organisations
We are doing our bit to tackle climate change
Reducing the carbon footprint of our business wherever we can
Minimising the other environmental impacts of our business