Health & Safety

Health and safety is led from the top, it is given the highest priority at the very heart of our operations. Directors and senior managers are actively involved in site visits, with 427 visits in 2021 (2020: 60 visits) to continually emphasise the critical importance of health and safety.

Leading indicators and feedback loops are used to gauge the level of workforce engagement and to identify any areas where early attention may be required. Hazard and safety observations are logged, with the help and commitment of our teams, and immediately acted upon, with any longer-term trends captured and used for broader intervention activities.

If there is an accident, no matter what the size or severity, the individual is treated and cared for, lessons learned are put in place and communicated widely and the incident is recorded and included in reported statistics.

Competency of individuals is assured through training and development programmes, both internally run and through external agencies, with 15,962 hours of training delivered in 2021 (2020: 10,145 hours).

Tamdown’s performance in health and safety was again recognised with a President’s Award from RoSPA, the highly prestigious and internationally recognised awards scheme. This was achieved as Tamdown has won a Gold Award in each of the last 12 years.

Dedicated safety teams undertake site audits each week to confirm that procedures are being followed, with 3,891 visits made in 2021 (2020: 2,661 visits). The management systems for safety, quality, environment and energy are under regular review by external bodies to ensure they fully comply with the relevant national standards.

The Group collates extensive data on health and safety including an All Accident Incidence Rate (“AAIR”), which records all accidents, no matter how minor. Due to our
continued focus on safe working environments and learning from situations and trends, the AAIR has improved in the year against the results of 2019, the most recent normal trading year; AAIR for 2021 4508 (2019: 6402). However, despite the above, the Accident Incidence Rate (“AIR”) for the Group, which reflects the rate of RIDDOR‑reportable injuries was 433 (2020: 162, 2019: 231). By comparison, the Health and Safety Executive’s figures, published in November 2020, state that the equivalent average for the construction industry in 2019/20 was 330. The total number of all RIDDOR-reportable events across the Group in the year was 6 (2020: 3, 2019: 7).



We now have in place an Employee Assistance Programme to add to our established mental health and wellbeing resources. This provides professional, independent support to our people on a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, stress and debt when they need extra support.

Occupational health screening is offered to Nexus employees; this enables early intervention as well as identifying any underlying health problems.

Processes to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, business contacts and of the wider community in general have continued to be influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. By the start of FY21, our sites had returned to full operations but always working, as a minimum, to the guidelines set by UK Government and in line with the Site Operating Procedures issued by the Construction Leadership Council.

‘Work from home’ has been one of the tools used to mitigate risks for office-based employees. However, in addition, the offices have been set up with preventative measures such as the use of personal temperature monitoring, social distancing and enhanced cleaning regimes. Weekly communications have kept staff informed of developments and any planned changes in procedures.


Engagement, Equality and Development

At Nexus, we believe that our employees are our most important asset. Taking care of our employees is therefore a critical aspect of our long-term strategy. We have a dedicated in-house ‘People team’ providing the necessary support to individuals and their line managers to enable the most effective and enjoyable working relationships to flourish.

Our ‘My Bright Future’ appraisals, tied to our purpose, support the training, development, performance and future career paths for our employees.

We conduct regular pay reviews to ensure people are being paid equally for the work they do and understand that the gender pay gap in the Group is largely driven by a lack of female representation within our on-site workforce. This is a common issue within our industry, which is historically male dominated. Nevertheless, we are taking measures to help recruit and attract more women and reduce the pay gap through the implementation of a range of initiatives including our Women in Construction campaign, pay and benefits reviews at regular intervals and flexible working.

Although Covid-19 had a significant profile in our activities, we worked on other areas in parallel in an effort to engender a positive atmosphere and look ahead for the future. For example, we introduced a benefits scheme from which employees are able to access a wide variety of savings on purchases such as electrical items, home services and leisure activities. The facilities at our new offices at Nexus Park include several attractive working-area options, modern audio-visual communications and a subsidised cafeteria. Employees were involved in many aspects of the design, from furniture selection through to a competition to take photographs for display around the building.

We endeavour to provide good terms of employment with the provision of benefits that employees want, as well as promoting health and wellbeing and ensuring we have a happy and safe work environment.

We are keen that employees should share in the growth of the Group and an Employee Share Incentive Plan is in place whereby employees can acquire shares in the Company in a tax-effective manner.

Salaries are market tested along with add-on benefits. Options are reviewed and considered on a regular basis.

The training and development of our people has always been central to our Building Bright Futures purpose and the opportunities we offer across the Group include mentoring, coaching, specialist workshops and discovery days in addition
to formal learning and qualifications.