The Nexus Community Trust is a charitable trust that was established in 2011 to support employee nominated causes and help those charities which have been involved with, and affect the lives of, the staff of Nexus and its subsidiary companies.

In many instances, individuals, project teams or sometimes cross-functional groups are inspired to help a particular charity, local hospital or school. This is not only a great way
to ‘give something back’ but it also builds team spirit and a sense of satisfaction for the individuals involved.

During FY21, there were a number of different ventures, ranging from long-distance cycle marathons and mountain peak hikes to walking challenges.

Nexus also offers a volunteering scheme to employees, where they can take up to five working days of paid time per year for community volunteering.

Across our operations we work with a range of suppliers and subcontractors, providing demand, project opportunities and jobs within the communities we serve.